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A recent random conversation with an old friend has been circulating in my head over and over like a Kars4Kids jingle… Here’s how the conversation went:

Friend: “Kevin, when was the last time you fell off your bed in middle of the night?”

Me: “I can’t remember ever falling off my bed.”

Friend: “When you go to sleep at night do you have any fear whatsoever of falling off your bed while sleeping?”.

Me: “No.”

Friend: “Would you lay down and fall asleep on a bed that was securely fastened to the edge of the roof of the Empire State Building?”

Me: __________________________________ (Passed out just from the visualization…)

If you saw someone lay down on such a bed and sleep soundly – would you think they are psychopaths with zero value for human life? Or would you say that they have amazing strength and control over their mind and feelings to be able to completely eradicate irrational fears that are not grounded on facts or logic.

So many decisions we make, or decisions that we put off making are due to fears of “What if I fall off the bed?” or similar irrational worries.  I have sat with business owners who were presented with solutions that would save them tens of thousands of dollars and/or streamline their processes and increase productivity and yet fail to make the move due to “What if I fall off the bed?” worries.

So, where are you sleeping tonight? Happy Tuesday & Happy Selling!