The more we support our small businesses, the better we make our communities – especially now.  American Express has launched a new offer to encourage Card Members to “Shop Small”.

Your customers – Amex Card Members – can get $5 back in the form of a statement credit after they spend $10 at small businesses – in-store and online – up to 10x (for a total credit of $50!).

Visit to download your toolkit if your business is eligible for the offer and add or update your business to the Shop Small® Map at Spread the word and encourage your customers to enroll their Amex card by 7/26/20 and spend by 9/20/20.

If you need any assistance with this offer, feel free to call Banquest support team at 855.323.8300 or email us at

Amex Shop Small is Back!

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Note: We understand this is not a time for self-promotion of any kind. We are hosting this fireside chat in order to help our friends and clients who are faced with the challenge of either taking their business online or getting their existing website in front of potential customers. There is no cost to attend and we hope this will be resourceful for all attendees.

You must register to attend at

Making the jump ONLINE  

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Some blogs are fun to write, some are painful, others are just plain upsetting.

The topic today is about “carding”.  Fraudsters purchase buckets of tens of thousands of stolen credit cards on the dark web.  They then need to test the cards to see which ones were not reported stolen and still active.  So they setup “bots” (computer robots) to run thousands of cards against a website or web form.  Most common victims are charity websites since donation pages are a quick and easy way to test a credit card without having to put items in a shopping cart, etc. You’re assuming I am upset at the fraudsters?  Wrong!  I am upset at the fact that there are still non-profit and charity websites and donation forms that do not have reCAPTCHA!

The first step in stopping fraudulent card testing is to add reCAPTCHA to your site.  reCAPTCHA is a free service that uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

(See more here:

If you have already added reCAPTCHA and are still experiencing card testing on your site, please reach out to our fraud prevention team and we will be happy to provide you with many additional tools which will send a clear message to those bots – to “find someone else to pick on!” Happy

Tuesday & Happy Selling!

Robot Fraud

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