Need your feedback please…

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Last week I received an email that thankfully I am blessed to receive from time to time but for some reason this time had me doing some deep introspection.
Here, let me share the email with you: 

You see… someone took the time to locate the email address of the CEO, put together an email and share a positive experience just because they were grateful!   [When was the last time I did that?!]

People are most vocal when they are angry and unsatisfied, not when they are happy. Think about it: If you have a positive experience, chances are you’ll leave happy, maybe tell your spouse or a friend, and then you move on. Even if we know we should do the right thing and compliment, most of the time it doesn’t happen. You blink and a week has gone by, and next thing you know—out of sight out of mind.
But if you have a bad experience? That’s a different story. Everyone is sure to hear about (and more than once!).

Question:  When you see a product on Amazon that has 500 positive reviews and 20 negative reviews – which reviews do you believe?

Signing off for now… I have a few vendors that I’ve never told how grateful I am for their great service. Happy Tuesday & Happy Selling!