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In the coming weeks we will discuss various simple solutions that you can implement into your workflow to streamline processing, eliminate extra steps, and avoid potential errors.


For our first example: Using QuickBooks and Processing Credit Cards.


QuickBooks is the number one accounting software used by many businesses around the world. For those of you who are using QuickBooks and processing credit card transactions using a stand alone credit card machine or even an online virtual-terminal – this is what a typical transaction would look like:


  • Step 1) Bookkeeper opens the QuickBooks program and creates an invoice.
  • Step 2) Bookkeeper will then either walk over to the credit card machine, or open a webpage, navigate to the online virtual terminal, and process the credit card payment.
  • Step 3) Bookkeeper goes back to QuickBooks and marks the invoice paid.


Not that many steps. But


What if Bookkeeper took an urgent call between Steps 2 and 3 and never actually completed Step 3 – leaving your customer with an open balance in QuickBooks when in fact your customer is all paid up!


What if Bookkeeper mixed up the amount owed between steps 1 and 2 and charged the credit card for the wrong amount?

faulty tasking

You get the point.


With Banquest Payment Systems you can process your credit card transactions – INTEGRATED – right inside of the QuickBooks program. Our technicians remotely install a QB Plugin right onto your computer, give your staff a short training, and you can process credit card transactions without ever exiting the QuickBooks program.


  • Step 1) Bookkeeper opens the QuickBooks program and creates an invoice.
  • Step 2) Bookkeeper marks invoice paid while automatically processing the payment right inside of QuickBooks.


Streamlined. Save time. Eliminate Steps. Avoid Errors.
For more information feel free to call/email us at 732-323-8300 or Support@Banquest.com.

Happy Tuesday & Happy Selling!
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