Learning to stick it out!

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Some people start out at the “bottom of the ladder”. I started out one hundred miles away from the ladder! I was broke and desperate for a few dollars so I took the first job that came my way: Telemarketing for a cellphone store!

My good friend and mentor (who I shall honor his wishes to remain anonymous in this blog – who BTW is also the CEO of a very large organization that spells cars with a K) gave me sage advice and said “Kevin, you have to commit to stay at this job for at least 2 years… don’t be a “job hopper”.”

My first day on the job was absolutely the pits. So was the first week, the first month, and the first half a year. Slowly however I worked my way up the ladder, and increased my knowledge and by the end of 2 years I was ready to venture out on my own and start a little wireless company looking to fill a niche that wasn’t served by my previous company or the general market.

Fast forward through a 9 year career in the wireless industry that ultimately led me to entering the payment processing space – where we (Banquest) will soon celebrate 10 years!

If not for that commitment to stick-it-out at all costs, I certainly would have jumped jobs early on, and most likely jumped jobs again and again. It pains me to see young barely 30-years-old’s with 5 or 6 jobs under their belt. Wherever you are, dig in and work hard. Try to learn everything about your industry. Be the best you can be in your current position and increase value for your company and for yourself every day!

Happy Tuesday & Happy Selling!