How Many Unhappy Customers Do You Have?

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A friend of mine recently emailed me a very interesting article which really got me thinking.


Here is the gist of it…


Harvard researchers found that an alarming 96% of unhappy customers do not complain! They will either stay where they are disappointed or will silently take their business elsewhere. Given this, guessing how many dissatisfied customers you have can be a bit of a mystery. Some suggest dividing by 0.04 the total number of customers that have complained to you directly. For example, if 12 customers complained, then approximately 300 unhappy customers exist [12/0.04 = 300].


Researchers also found that for every one dissatisfied customers, between 8 -20 additional people hear about their negative experience! Using our above example, 300 unhappy customers can mean that 2,400 people hear about it!


So why do unhappy customers choose to remain silent instead of sharing their complaints with you?


There might be 5 major reasons for that:

  1. You never asked them for feedback
  2. It’s too complicated and requires much effort
  3. They believe you don’t care or there is no point
  4. They simply don’t want to bother
  5. They are afraid of the possible outcome


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Happy Tuesday & Happy Selling!